Ingrid Adamow
Ingrid Adamow

Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt

Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Barrel Hunt

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery on July 1, 2016, Jack Daniel’s launched a worldwide scavenger hunt that puts the barrel in the spotlight. We hid 150 barrels around the globe and filled them with prizes. The campaign came to life on Facebook, where we published several clues for each city on their day. The clues consisted of vintage images of the barrel locations, which I sourced from around the globe using the power of the Internet. We had to find hundreds of historic images from around the world! 

As part of the prizing, we partnered with Individuals Collective to produce 150 bar kits made of barrel wood, with a screen-printed illustration of a Lynchburg town scene on the front. I worked with Individuals' artist Luke O'Sullivan to bring that artwork to life.

Working with Portuguese artist Rodrigo Gelmi, I also produced artwork for three different types of maps: a topographic, urban, and nautical, to be laser cut by Big Secret Studio of Richmond, VA into wooden posters as prizes for a select lucky number of Barrel Hunt winners. 

The program ran through September 30, 2016 and was a success for both Jack Daniel's, Arnold, and of course, the lucky winners.